a project by Jeremy Pope

alright family —

I started Everything’s Local to foster a sense of community, based on unconditional strength and love, with an ultimate mission of bridging the world through discovering our similarities and learning from our differences.

Each @imwearinglocal t-shirt will feature a new design with 100% of the profits going to different organizations that are working towards making an impact within our community.

It only felt right that the first design would be in dedication to the ultimate dreamer and doer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Never forgetting his legacy and his dedication of love and humanity to every one of us.

Designed by London based artist @jessrosebird & 100% of profits going to the @ihadla which works to provide individualized social, emotional, and academic support to our young people. They believe that when given equal access to resources needed, all children can ignite their innate potential and achieve their dreams.

I’m hoping this project will only afford me and you the opportunities to learn more about incredible organizations that are doing the ground work to building & healing our world, while also learning about new artists.

This is our community. so why not shower it with everything we’ve got.

In Love, Everything’s Local

Campaign shot by @jeremypope and @sophieandreassend